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I’ll be honest – I always keep a nice pork loin in my freezer! I find it is very versatile, and in my little cookery experience, I’ve made it several different ways. But my favorite and especially for my husband Manuele is Maiale in Crosta/ Pork Loin in Pastry Crust. This recipe, adapted from Benedetta Parodi, […]

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Maiale in Crosta – Pork Loin in Pastry Crust

Pork Loin in Pastry Crust

The legend says that one day a group of Lanzichenecchis looters (mercenary soldiers from the 14th century) arrived at a South Tyrolean farm and the commander threatened to set fire to the farm and house if they were not fed immediately. The peasant farm woman was home alone with her daughters and unafraid, she went to work. […]

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Canederli Tirolesi {Tyrolean Dumplings}


How many times have we exclaimed in front of an empty refrigerator and pantry, “Oh my gosh, what am I going to cook tonight!??”  Well here is a great “dinner saver” that will get you out of a panic-stricken situation in less than 15 minutes.  Every home has some left over breadloaf in the cupboard […]

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Polpette di Formaggio

Polpette di Formaggio

Pan fried chicken cutlet, similar to fried Austrian wiener schnitzel, is a simple and traditional plate found all over Italy. I  prefer this oven cooked version to the traditional one as it’s lighter and healthier –  then you can enjoy the recipe more than once a week!  Perfect as a second course and ideal with roasted or fried potatoes […]

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Oven Fried Chicken alla Milanese

Chicken alla Milanese

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