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They say that everyone leaves a digital footprint. Not so. A few years ago I posted my Lamb Stew with Cannellini beans (Stufato di agnello con fagioli canellini) recipe. But with changes to both my blog and website over the years, it got lost. Gone. Disappeared. Along with a several others of my favorite recipes. […]

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Lamb Stew With Cannellini Beans

Lamb Stew With Cannellini Beans

I don’t grill. I hate fire. I hate flames. I shop, prepare, cook, serve and pour the wine but I don’t grill. (I also hate cleaning up – did I mention that?) My husband Peter grills and actually has developed quite the reputation for his fine grilling skills. Nevertheless, I hover next to him over the […]

Main Dish, Meat, Recipes

Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina)

Florentine Steak

I’ll be honest – I always keep a nice pork loin in my freezer! I find it is very versatile, and in my little cookery experience, I’ve made it several different ways. But my favorite and especially for my husband Manuele is Maiale in Crosta/ Pork Loin in Pastry Crust. This recipe, adapted from Benedetta Parodi, […]

Main Dish, Meat, Recipes

Maiale in Crosta – Pork Loin in Pastry Crust

Pork Loin in Pastry Crust

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